The Process Of Home Flooring Installation

Flooring is a vital part of a person’s home. Think of all the ways that flooring can enhance an entire living space. Above all that, flooring is durable, lasting, and hopefully easy to clean. The process can be a little overwhelming for a homeowner to go through. That’s why Abston Installation’s goal is to make the process as easy as possible. Our three-part home flooring installation process is handled with care so that your new floor is done right the first time.

Removing Old Flooring

Once a client has made up their mind to have new flooring installed, they can pick out, with an Abston Installations consultant, the flooring that will work best for their home. That might be hardwood or laminate flooring, in a variety of different textures and colors to complement a homeowner’s environment and lifestyle. There are many different floor styles to choose from.

Then the Abston Installations’ crew takes the time to remove any old flooring around the home in preparation for the new. This might include old floor tiles, which are removed with special dustless tile removal tools. Getting all the old tiles and flooring up the right way, without compromising the air quality around the home is key to the process. Dustless removal is the only way to go for this process. Once all the flooring is removed safely, it’s time for the next step.

Leveling The Floor’s Surface

Not all flooring is naturally even. All houses go through some kind of settling through the years, that can lead to uneven spots around the home. Abston Installations takes the time to properly smooth the surface that the new flooring will be installed on. It has to be even, so the new floor has a long lifespan. Leveling or flattening the foundation of the flooring is so important. Otherwise, when the new flooring is installed it can be unstable or creaky. Uneven or high spots are leveled out with a dustless floor grinding system. This is the most effective and low-cost way to even out a floor.

Installing The New Flooring

The best part of the whole process for the homeowner is seeing their new and finished flooring complete. In order to get there, Abston Installations installs the new flooring with all the proper matching stair treads, risers, baseboards, and trim that are part of the process. Everything works together to make new flooring the best it can be for a home.

Abston Installations gets the job done right. Our company also offers floor care and maintenance tips to help your new floors withstand animals, dirt, kids, and time.

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