The Benefits of Dust Free Tile Removal

The days of removing tile in the traditional manner that triggers a considerable release of dust are long gone. Nowadays, homeowners and business owners are tapping into the power of dust free tile removal. This process involves special tools and technology that prevent dust from entering the air and spreading throughout one’s living or working space.

Problems With the Traditional Tile Flooring Removal Method

Plenty of people are unaware of the fact that removing tile flooring spurs the release of small dust particles that will circulate throughout the property. These dust particles will inevitably land on every surface in the building. The traditional method of tile flooring removal that makes use of grinders and jackhammers also causes the release of tiny cement particles that can travel across the rooms of the home as the flooring removal team moves around. These particles can even be sucked up by your heating and cooling system and subsequently spread across the entirety of your home. The end result will be a spread of particles, a need to remove dust from the HVAC system and an array of additional costs. Don’t’ let this nightmare become your reality! Dust free tile removal is the solution. Here’s why.

How Dustless Tile Removal is Performed

Dustless tile removal requires the use of special industrial vacuum systems that gather dust particles at the moment they are generated. Grinders and jackhammers are made with attachments that link up with the vacuum system to gather the dust. This nuanced process prevents dust from getting airborne and spreading throughout the home, office, store or other space. As a result, there is no need for you to stay in a motel while your floor tiles are being removed. In fact, it is even possible for our team to perform this work without the use of protective masks that combat dust inhalation.

Our dust free tile removal method is vastly superior the conventional approach performed with regular shop vacuums that produce about 100CFM worth of suction. Such a low amount of suction won’t capture nearly enough of the dust generated when moving tiles and other portions of the floor. Alternatively, industrial vacuum systems that generate upwards of 735 CFM suck the dust up with ease. A vacuum system with this amount of power equates to about eight traditional vacuums you can buy in a store.

The Economical Solution You Have Been Looking For

A large part of the appeal of dust free tile removal is its cost savings. Dust free tile removal eliminates the need for carpet cleaning, HVAC dust cleaning, and dry-cleaning window treatments. Nor will you have to shell out your hard-earned money for a maid service. There is absolutely no chance dust or cement particles will spread to your electronic devices and compromise their functionality.

Abston Installations is here to perform dust free tile removal in your home, business or other space. If you are looking for fast and affordable tile removal that is as clean as possible, we are at your service. Dustless tile removal is our forte. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment.

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