What You Need to Know About New Floor Installation

Deciding to have a new floor installed is an exciting time in the life of a homeowner because it means that big change is on the horizon. There are few things more fun than imagining what new hardwood floors can do for a classic dining room, or how smooth marble will feel in a modern bathroom. But all that wonder can soon turn to frustration if you skip steps during the planning process. See what you need to know before diving into the process.

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Key Considerations

There are some flooring options that simply aren’t practical in certain rooms, and it often helps to know what you can’t have before you start considering what you can have. Carpeting in a bathroom, for example, is an open invitation for mold and mildew to accumulate in the fibers. In a room with much moisture and humidity, you should be choosing tile, stone, or marble. Hardwood floors are excellent in dining rooms where they’re unlikely to encounter water, while vinyl may look best in the kitchen due to its waterproof nature.

The State of Your Floors

If your floors are currently in a sorry state, new flooring installation gives you a chance to improve the stability of your home. When a house shifts and moves over time, it causes the floors to do the same. If your floors aren’t level, it puts a significant amount of strain on the material which can decrease the life of your floors. New floor installation allows you to even out the imperfections of your home, so it has a better chance of surviving the everyday stresses that can threaten its structure.

The Devil Is in the Details

A new floor isn’t just the material under your feet. It may require replacing the flooring trim that lines the edge of the room. If you’re planning to replace the flooring on the stairs, you’ll need to consider whether or not you want tread for them. (This is highly recommended if you have little ones in the house.) You may also want to consider replacing the baseboards to fit the new decorating scheme you want. These choices may not seem like major factors in a new floor installation, but it helps to have these questions answered sooner rather than later.

Picking a Partner

Homeowners who need a new floor installed should contact someone who understands just how important each decision is. Abston Installations has the experience to ensure you get the most economical and beautiful choice for your home. We understand what it means to update the look of what lies beneath your feet, but we also understand how the flooring affects the rest of your home as well.

Give Abston Installations a call if you’re thinking about getting a new floor for your home. Our consultants will find out more about what you need, what you want, and how to make all of it match up to your budget.

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