Floor Stripping Machine: The Answer to Your Next Project?

Removing and replacing a floor of any size can be a messy, tough project whether you contract this service or go the DIY route. For those removing flooring in a commercial or industrial building, the prospect of having to shut down your business operations, even for just a weekend, may not be an option. Renting a floor stripping machine can help you complete even the largest projects on time and on budget. Read on to learn more about how these tools can turn the floor removal process into a much more manageable task.

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Ride-On Wood Flooring Removal Machines

Some tools, like the 5700 All Day Battery-Ride On machine, can quickly remove large sections of wood flooring while an operator conveniently controls the speed and direction of the machine from the comfort of a padded seat. This battery-operated machine is the perfect choice for buildings like hospitals and schools; because it emits no harmful fumes, it can even be operated while activities are going on in other parts of the building.

Although the 5700 Ride-On floor stripping machine can make commercial jobs simple, it’s also a great choice for home projects when you don’t have much time to spare or you need to remove an extra-stubborn section of wood flooring. Not all flooring companies carry this machine or make it available for rental, so if you’re hoping to complete a big project soon, you’ll want to plan ahead.

Dustless Tile Removal Equipment

For smaller or more specialized projects, dustless tile removal equipment like demolition hammers and angle grinders will easily remove tile and thinset. These hammers and grinders have their own self-contained vacuum systems, ensuring that any dust produced through the tile removal process is whisked out of the air before it can be circulated throughout the room. For those with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory troubles, the use of dustless tile hammers and grinders can be a lifesaver, allowing you to complete a project without having to take special precautions.

Many of the dustless demolition hammers and grinders available for rental through companies like Abston Installations are designed to be low-vibration, giving you greater control over the tool while minimizing the fatigue that can develop after a long day spent tearing up tile flooring.

Abston Installations is a full-service flooring company that specializes in flooring removal, floor flattening or leveling, and flooring installation. Our dustless tile removal process will keep your home or space as mess-free as possible. If you need advice on your next project or are interested in renting equipment to make the job easier, fill out our free estimate form!

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