Dust Free Tile Removal

To remove tile flooring, we utilize jackhammers that are equipped with a powerful vacuum hose attachment. Any dust that is produced is immediately captured by our vacuum system before it has a chance to spread throughout the house. The indoor air quality is maintained throughout the process.

This allows us to work without wearing dust masks. More importantly, it means that the dust particles are not going into the HVAC ductwork, or electronic devices (computers, DVD players, etc.) that are in your home.

Dustless Floor Grinding

Once the tile has been removed, some of the thinset is often left behind. We use floor grinders, equipped with a vacuum attachment to make the floor smooth so it will be ready for the finished flooring.

This process can typically create a ton of dust, but our powerful vacuum system catches it before it becomes airborne. When we are done, the concrete is ready for new flooring and there is no dust on the furniture, window treatments, or anywhere else in the home.