Carpet Removal: Hire a Professional

Removing carpet is a home improvement project that you will want to leave in the hands of a professional. You might be tempted to remove the carpet yourself but if you don’t do it properly, it can make the installation process of the new flooring extremely difficult. Abston Installations has extensive knowledge and experience in carpet removal. Whether you are installing new flooring to enhance the look of your home or ripping out carpet due to water damage, Abston Installations is here to make sure it is done correctly the first time around. Let’s take a quick look at what carpet removal entails.

Materials and Tools Needed

Not only is carpet removal a timely and tedious task, but you will need various tools and materials; this is yet another reason as to why you might want to hand this project to installation professionals.

Process for Removing Carpet

When the carpet is being removed from a room, all furniture needs to be taken out. Next, a professional will remove any doors to the room by taking them off their hinges. Most times, if the door does not swing into the room, it can simply be left on its hinges and swung out of the room to ensure it does not get in the way.

Once all doors and furniture have been removed, it then becomes time to actually start tearing up the carpet. Most professionals will start in a corner to tear it up. Pliers can be used to pull up the carpet from a corner, pulling it up along the entirety of the wall. About every three feet, the carpet should be folded over and cut. Professional carpet removers know that it is best to cut the carpet from the back rather than from the front.

While tearing up the carpet and cutting it might seem like a simple task, it’s actually not, especially when it comes to cutting carpet in places in which transitions take place from one section of carpet to another. Also, along with the carpet comes padding, so not only will you be pulling up the carpet and cutting it, but you will need to do the same to the padding if you are replacing it. A carpet removal professional, on the other hand, can help ensure the padding stays in place if you are not replacing it.

As mentioned before, removing carpet is both a timely and tedious task. And if you don’t remove the carpet with the right tools, you can actually end up causing more damage, which means, in the long run, you will be out more money replacing the carpet. Call a trusted and local company to remove and install your flooring.

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