Can Removing Ceramic Tile Affect Your Health?

Health is never something to take for granted. We all take into consideration elements that affect our health when it comes to food, activities, and our surrounding environment, so let’s take a look at how home projects can affect your health, and specifically the health of your family and pets.

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Why is Tile Dust Dangerous?

The danger of tile dust lies in its main component of crystalline silica, which can enter the lungs and create scratches in the tissue of the respiratory system, preventing oxygen from being absorbed correctly. Clearly, we want to avoid this at all costs for our workers and any residing in the home. It has been estimated that for each square foot removed, nearly a pound of dust is created. Some imported tiles can even contain lead, which poses an even greater threat.

Hazardous dust infiltrates your HVAC system during renovations and recirculates through your home, coating each surface with a layer of dirt and crystalline silica. There is no way to avoid this during the traditional tile removal process, that is why we only recommend dustless tile removal for any tile projects you have.

What is Dustless Tile Removal?

This process involves highly trained specialists, specifically designed tools, and high-powered vacuums to get rid of the dust at the source. The outcome is identical, but with our dustless tile removal, the end product is cleaner, more level, and significantly safer for all involved. The cost difference may not be ideal, but with the added cost of clean up after the project is complete, the choice is clear. Dustless tile removal is well worth the price for a flawless outcome, safety and health for your family, and little to no clean up after the project is completed.

All of our tools are fitted with special attachments, which immediately remove the dust and contain it within our industrial vacuums. Our vacuums are high-suction and require a greater amount of power than even the top-tier vacuums, which is why we bring our own generators to protect your home from greater electric bills or power surges. We also run our hoses outside to prevent any spread of dust or dirt within your home.

Abston Installations is the expert in dustless tile removal which creates a flawless finish while protecting the health of your family. Our workers ensure high-quality work, top-notch customer service, and a beautiful new floor for your family to enjoy. We would love to work with you on your next project so please give us a call today at 727-710-1811, or visit our website today at to fill out a request for a free estimate. 

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Choosing Qualified Flooring Removal in Bradenton

There are many sites that highlight contractors who specialize in all types of projects and needs, but how do you know they are not just paid advertisements? How can you choose a contractor you can trust to do the job right and leave you with a flawless finish? Quality is harder to come by than you may think. With tons of options, you may likely choose the top search result, even if it is an ad. Today we want to talk about three alternative routes when searching for reputable contractors.

Word Of Mouth

When you are familiar with your community, word of mouth is the best place to find reliable and qualified contractors to work with. In relatively newer communities, it’s helpful to ask friends and family from the around the area who have worked with and would recommend specific companies. Even a simple post on a social media site can lend great information. The more people you talk to, the more secure you can feel in your decision with the contractor you choose. Be wary of those who solely recommend DIY ideas and projects when dangerous and detailed work is best left to the professionals.  

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a nonprofit organization that vets companies to assist customers in choosing a quality company they can trust. The BBB does not specifically recommend or endorse companies, services or products but rather rates companies based on several factors including:

  • Company complaint history with the BBB
  • Type of business
  • Length of operation
  • Business Practices
  • Advertisement issues

The BBB rates various companies in all different industries throughout the USA, Canada, and Mexico. With nearly 400,000 local businesses supporting the BBB, you can bet their rating is trustworthy, and holds significant value to those with higher ratings, such as Abston Installations.

Customer Reviews and Comments

Clients who leave reviews on company sites and on other review sites often post their worst or best experiences. This can leave prospective customers with a skewed perception of a company if all they find is the few negative comments posted on several sites. Having a range of comments over a significant amount of time reflects a company’s growth and continued pursuit of greater customer satisfaction. We highly recommend searching several sites to better determine the accuracy of comments left and to have a more accurate perception of the company you are researching.

Abston Installations fits all of these criteria and more when it comes to qualified flooring removal in Bradenton and the surrounding areas. With our A+ scoring from the BBB, nearly perfect customer satisfaction, and strong recommendations from past customers, there is no reason to hesitate when hiring Abston Installations for your next flooring removal and installation project. Come visit our website to learn more about our company, our specialized methods of flooring removal, and read our recent blogs on industry related news. While you’re on our site, be sure to fill out a request for a free estimate or call us today! We look forward to creating a flawlessly finished floor in your home.

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Avoiding Allergens During Tile Removal

When the air quality is unavoidable outside of your home, you should be able to have a safe haven in your own house. Your family’s health is your top priority and we want to help keep you and your family healthy, even during a traditionally dusty tile removal process. In the past, tile removal has been an extremely dusty process followed by extensive clean up that can be costly and ineffective. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore and your family can breathe easy with dust-free tile removal.

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Dangers of Tile Removal

Typical tile removal produces more dust and allergens than you may expect. Many people feel the frustration of having a tile removal job produce a finished product but a horrible amount of dust that has settled into bedding, furniture, clothing, carpets, and worst of all the HVAC. When the dust is sucked up or falls into your vents, it silently becomes a part of the air you breathe in each room of your house. This can be lessened by turning off your heat or air, but cannot be completely avoided.

Dustless Tile Removal

As a rather recent innovation in the tile industry, dustless tile removal creates a flawless finish with an entirely different process. One difference in the process of dustless tile removal is the tools used. In traditional tile removal, the tools used are more simple, such as a chisel, hammer, pry bars, and saws. These tools kick up a lot of dust but don’t help contain the mess. Dustless tile removal uses tools that remove tile efficiently, easily, and remove the dust as soon as it is produced.

We accomplish this by attaching super suction vacuums to our tools and run those hoses through a cracked window. We ensure that the windows are tightly sealed around the hoses to keep your air in and the outside out. The tools we use require quite a hefty amount of energy and power but we bring our own high-powered generators to protect your electric bill.

The dust that is produced in tile removal is extensive and dangerous if not dealt with correctly. We want to make sure your family is well protected through the entirety of our process and well after. There is no better way to deal with tile removal and keep your family healthy than to choose dustless tile removal.

Abston Installations is your Manatee county tile removal company. Exceeding in excellence, providing quality work, and maintaining outstanding customer service at every job. We know our work is a staple piece in your home and we make sure it is not only beautiful but also stands up to the wear and tear of your life. Give us a call (727-710-1811) to schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with your family to create the perfect floor for your home.

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