What You Should Know About Tampa Tile Removal

If you are tired of looking at chipped, stained, or just plain ugly tile flooring, you may be starting to research tile removal and replacement. Although it can be tempting to DIY this process to save money, tile removal involves some specialized equipment and knowledge that may be tough to complete without some assistance. Read on to learn more about the tile removal process, as well as some tile care and maintenance tips that can leave your replacement tile stain- and chip-free for years to come.

How Can You Prevent Tile Damage?

Tile is a unique material, and therefore requires some different care and maintenance than you may be accustomed to with other flooring types. While it’s not necessary to mop tile every day, or even every week (at least in low-traffic areas), it is important to sweep regularly to remove any dust, dirt, or sand. These abrasive particles, combined with foot traffic, can cause wear and tear that dulls the tile over time.

When you wash your tile to remove spots or stains, you will want to use a pH-neutral formula (unless your tile is specially sealed or glazed and requires a different type of cleaner). Using an oil-based cleaner or an abrasive or acidic one can stain your tile or even eat away at its surface, making it more vulnerable to chipping and cracking.

Every now and then, you will also need to reseal your grout to prevent moisture from getting in between your tiles and damaging them from the inside out. If these basic maintenance steps are followed, you will soon discover what other tile lovers know to be true: tile is one of the most durable, lowest-maintenance flooring materials on the market.

How is Tile Removed?

Tile removal can be a lengthy and painstaking process if you’re attempting to DIY. Generally, you will need to begin by chipping away at the grout to remove the bond between tiles. Depending on the size and condition of the tile, it may be easier to break it into pieces and remove the pieces or use a pry bar or other tool to lift each individual tile up intact.

After the old tile has been removed, the subfloor will need to be sanded down or built up so that the new tile can be installed on a flat surface.

The Disadvantage of Traditional Tile Removal

It can be tempting to DIY your Tampa tile removal to save money, but this process can be incredibly dusty and dirty, and even using tape and plastic tarps to contain the dust during the process won’t keep this debris from being introduced into the air once the tarps are moved.

Abston Installations is a professional flooring company that specializes in dust-free tile removal. You will enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, quicker project, without having to lift a finger yourself.

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New Year, New Home Flooring Projects

The New Year is rolling in shortly, and the beginning of a new year brings the yearly to-do lists and resolutions. Improvement is always the root of New Year’s resolutions, and home improvement projects are nearly always needed to bring new life into our new year. This year, Abston Installations wants to help make your home project list shorter and easier by tackling your tile removal and installation needs as your tile removal company.


The safety of our workers and your family is a top priority of our work. Traditional tile removal creates clouds of dust with every move and leaves nearly every surface of your home covered with a layer of dust and dirt. Generally, this mess can be cleaned up with a heavy duty vacuum and a few hours of dusting, but what about the dust particles that have been sucked into the HVAC system in your home? These particles can become trapped in your venting system and spread throughout your home silently. The mess is nearly impossible to clean after the damage is done.

Dustless tile removal creates a whole different process with an entirely different outcome. Our heavy-duty vacuums remove the dust before it hits the air preventing extensive cleanup after the project is complete.

Cost Effective

Price is always a top concern for homeowners and we acknowledge the hesitation. Spending money is necessary to invest in your home and to create equity with what you already have. One major advantage of investing in your home with Abston Installation is the quality work you receive with the protection of your home and family. Many contractors and home improvement jobs require the initial work and the post clean-up. This unknowingly adds cost to your project that can blindside you and leave you frustrated with yourself and your contractor. Our dustless tile removal eradicates the need for costly clean-up.

Quality Service

As experts in our field, we have seen many companies come and go. No matter their prices or their work, the companies who leave their mark are always top quality in customer service and reputation. Our work speaks for itself and our customer speak for us. Word of mouth is critical in the home renovation community and it is extremely important for our customer to know that we pride ourselves on our quality reputation and do all that we can to help maintain and exceeds expectations of our company.

Abston Installations can make your New Year’s resolution come true this year. Our tile removal process is efficient and keeps your family safe from harmful dust particles that can wreak havoc on your home’s cleanliness and your family’s health. We have immense knowledge of dustless tile removal and have honed our skills for the past 34 years. Learn more about our services and schedule a consultation today.

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Traditional Tile Removal vs. Dustless Removal

Tile removal seems simple but it requires quality workmanship, years of experience, and a commitment to continued education in our industry. Traditional tile removal is a common process that can be taught from start to finish simply by watching a youtube video or two. The basics are simple to understand and execute, but the tile removal process has evolved and dustless tile removal has revolutionized the industry.

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Traditional Tile Removal

There are a myriad of DIY’s on the internet on how to remove tile flooring in your home. Traditional tile removal is a process that requires several tools, a few hours, and a willingness to finish with dust all over you and your home. There are a few basic agents needed for this method of removal: hammer, chisel, pry bar, pole scraper, trash can. Traditional tile removal may be a relatively simple job but can leave an unexpected mess that is quite difficult to clean up. Dust particles can easily travel deep into your carpets, linens, furniture, and air ducts. Without proper care, this mess is unavoidable.

Dustless Tile Removal

Dustless tile removal is not only a newer approach to tile removal, it is the safest, cleanest, and best way to remove tile efficiently. There are a few specifics that set dustless tile removal apart from the tile removal industry. The end result is a flawlessly removed floor without a mess of dust particles or allergens left behind.  Our quality work leaves little clean up behind, and we ensure proper protection over air ducts and furniture as an added measure.

Each of our removal tools are fashioned with high-power suctioned vacuums that dispose of the dust particles before they touch the air. This means that clean up, our danger, your danger, and frustration is minimal. The vacuums are attached to hoses which immediately suck the dust out of the house into our disposal receptacle. We carefully run our hoses through partially opened windows but make sure to close off any open space to keep your house cooled while we work. We keep your cost low by maintaining your home’s air conditions and ensuring to keep dust particles out of the air you and your family are breathing.

The Experts

Abston Installations has extensive knowledge of dustless tile removal and has been one of the top-rated flooring installation company in the Sarasota and surrounding Tampa Bay area. We know what it takes to do a job well and cultivate life-long relationships with our clients. Dustless tile removal is not a DIY job, but a complicated and detail-oriented process that requires extreme care and high-quality work. Let us ensure your tile removal process is flawless and your floors look immaculate. 

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