How to Hire A Qualified Flooring Removal Company

Finding a flooring removal company these days is simple. We have access to immediate answers at the tip of our fingers with our mobile device, tablet, or laptop computer. However, the hundreds of results we receive don’t tell us if they are qualified, only that they say they are. So how can you be sure that when you need your floors removed or redone that you will be hiring a qualified flooring professional?

General Professional Tips

These tips are not specific to flooring professionals, these tips can be used when hiring other home improvement contractors. When shopping for a professional, recommendations from family and friends are always a great idea. You can see their work, hear about the quality of the workers, and have a general price gauge. If that isn’t an option, be sure to call and schedule an appointment with your potential hire. You want to ensure the person you are hiring is prompt, professional, and trustworthy.

If they are unwilling to share references from past work or any financial reference from suppliers or banks, that is a large red flag. You need to be able to trust the professional you are hiring. If they are unable to be honest with you, move on to the next one. Maybe the most important tip we can give after you decide on your flooring professional is to come up with a payment schedule and put every detail in writing. With all agreements, the deal isn’t a deal until you have it written out and signed by all parties involved.

Who To Trust?

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is one of the most well-known business rating companies. Their standards can be found to be quality and trustworthy. They accredit companies with a rating that ranges from A+ (highest) to an F (lowest). These ratings are based on several criteria and are not given flippantly.

Your Flooring Professionals

Abston Installation is an A+ BBB Accredited Business. We specialize in dustless tile removal but are qualified to remove, replace, or install your floor. We pride ourselves in continuous education in our field by attending workshops with flooring manufacturers, field training, and establishing a nationwide network of flooring professionals who share their expertise and help us maintain our competitive edge.

We are the flooring professional in the Tampa Bay area. We look forward to creating a professional relationship with you.

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Dangerous Dust: Tile Removal in Sarasota

Tile removal can be a daunting project to undertake. There are tons of tools and materials you need to complete the job that aren’t generally found in your toolbox. While there are plenty of DIY’s we do recommend, tile removal is certainly not one of them. Not only is it a specific process, it can also be dangerous for your health if done incorrectly.

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The Danger

With our top priority of safety, we want to make sure our customers are informed when it comes to tile removal. There are several specific dangers we make sure to eliminate during our tile removal process. We ensure our safety by having all the correct tools needed and not using any “makeshift” tools that are not meant to be used for tile removal. While wearing a full-body protection suit may be overkill, eye protection, ear protection, and wearing gloves to protect from jagged edges is highly recommended.

Tile dust is one of the largest hazards of this job. Not only can it irritate your eyes, it can be very detrimental to your health. It can cause irreversible damage to your lungs. Tile dust is no joke. A much less threatening hazard of tile removal is the mess. Sure, you would much rather a mess than a health hazard, but if you could avoid it, wouldn’t you? Tile dust particles can easily penetrate your carpet floors, linens, couches, and can infiltrate your HVAC system, spreading the dust throughout your house.  

The Solution

Our solution isn’t a warning to be careful. Our solution is Abston’s dustless tile removal. As one of the experts in the tile removal industry, we make it a priority to remain up to date with our removal process. Dustless tile removal isn’t currently the industry standard which means we have a unique perspective and the upper hand. Over time, we have learned more about dustless tile removal and made adjustments to our process as we remain relevant to tile industry!

The key isn’t to capture the dust as soon as it hits the air, it’s to capture it before it even reaches the air. Seems impossible, but with our expert machinery, we do it. The dust particles are immediately sucked outside through hoses connected to each tool. Don’t worry, we don’t leave a bunch of hoses through an open window. We make sure that your home remains air conditioned with careful planning and execution of the dust removal.

The Professionals

Abston Installations is a Sarasota tile removal expert. We know the dangers and have created the solution to ensure the highest quality, efficiency, and safety for our workers and our customers. If you are interested in learning more about dustless tile removal or would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call today. There is no job too big or too small!

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The Best Bradenton Tile Removal Techniques

When you’re looking for tile removal in Bradenton, it helps to understand how different companies handle the job. Not every business embraces the latest technology available, which can end up spelling danger or additional costs for the homeowner down the road. See why Abston Installations invests in machinery, and how we give our customers the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to tile removal.

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Power Vacuums at Work

Abston Installations treats each job seriously, so our equipment has to match our high standards. We use a vacuum hose attachment on all our jackhammers that sucks up dust as soon as it’s exposed. These vacuums aren’t like those that you’ll find at your local big box hardware store, they have up to 10 times more power than even the best shop vac available to the public. The dust never has a chance to spread throughout the home, so there’s no chance of lasting damage. Our workers don’t even have to wear dust masks while they’re working and neither do you — the air quality is completely undisturbed.

As you might imagine, these powerful vacuums need a lot of energy to function. Abston Installations will typically run the vacuum system through the window, and we use our own generators to power them. This means that our customers in Bradenton don’t have to deal with an unpleasant shock when they receive their monthly power bill. We also take the time to insulate the vacuum hose, so that even on the hottest (or most humid) day, the air indoors isn’t affected by the air outdoors.

In certain cases, tile removal may not leave your floor completely even. This is known as thinset in the tile removal industry. If this happens to you, Abston Installations uses floor grinders to level and smooth the floor with the same vacuum attachments. No matter how your flooring reacts to tile removal, you can rest assured there will be no mess left behind.

The Dangers of Dust

Regardless of the type of tile you have, there’s always going to be a lot of dust kicked up when it’s removed. Dust can settle in your electronics, on your furniture and drapes, and in your ventilation system. The amount produced can be extreme enough that it can take months to clean out. If it interferes with your computer, DVD player or laptop, you may have no other choicebut to replace it. Dust can also affect your family’s health if anyone has allergies. Once it settles in your ventilation system, it can be distributed throughout every room in the home and recirculated again and again as the months roll by.

Abston Installations understands just how important floors are to a building’s structural integrity. It’s why we specialize in Bradenton tile removal techniques to ensure each home is treated with the utmost respect. Our experience shines through in every job we do, so give us a call today to schedule a consultation.

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