What Can You Do About Water-Damaged Flooring?

Millions of Florida homeowners were affected by Hurricane Irma in some way, with initial estimates indicating that around 1 in 4 homes in the Florida Keys were completely destroyed by this Category 3 hurricane. Even if your home was relatively unscathed throughout Irma and its resulting flooding, replacing any carpet, flooring tiles, or hardwood floors that have come into contact with large amounts of floodwater is crucial to maintaining the structural stability of your home. Read on to learn more about the specific dangers imposed by floodwater and why replacing your flooring is so important.

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Why is Floodwater so Dangerous?

Water damage is never a pleasant thing to deal with, but having your home damaged by relatively “pure” water, like rainwater, generally just requires remediation or replacement of the affected beams or flooring tiles.

Floodwater, on the other hand, can contain everything from heavy metals like lead to fertilizer runoff or raw sewage, making it dangerous to even touch. Once floodwater has dried after coming into contact with your electrical wiring or power outlets, it can pose a fire risk, and floodwater that soaks into your floor’s underlayment or your drywall may lead to the growth of harmful mold and mildew.

Once this floodwater has reached the support beams of your floor or walls, it has the potential to permanently weaken them, causing expensive (and extensive) structural damage that isn’t likely to be covered by your homeowners’ insurance.

What is the Next Step?

Because of the many hazards posed by floodwater, it’s important to quickly and thoroughly replace any flooring, especially tiles, that have been in prolonged contact with floodwater. Even if you’re able to wipe up the surface water and don’t observe any damage from above, it’s likely this water has soaked through your porous tiles into the subfloor or underlayment, where it will later lead to mold, mildew, and structural issues.

Once your top layer of flooring has been removed, technicians can assess the damage to your subfloor and other parts of your floor, using heavy-duty fans to dry the floor and inhibit mold growth and replacing any boards or beams that have been soaked with floodwater. Your new flooring can then be installed on a solid, dry surface, helping it last decades without requiring extensive maintenance or future replacement.

While dealing with hurricane-related flood damage is never what most would consider “fun,” replacing damaged or potentially damaged flooring can be made simple by contacting Abston Installations for your flooring needs. Give us a call at (727) 710-181 or fill out our contact form below.

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Dustless Tile Removal for Commercial and Home Projects

Tile removal is by nature a labor-intensive process. On top of it being physical work, old tile can be brittle and harbor hazardous materials. The question for commercial property owners and homeowners alike is, which removal process makes sense based on cost and structure: traditional or dustless?

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Commercial Projects

Consider for a moment that you are revitalizing an underused facility in the Bradenton, Florida, area. Gutting the building entails plenty of mess and a cleanup crew will likely be budgeted before rebuilding begins. The value of dustless tile removal may not be a high priority. However, if the flooring was laid during the 1960s, you may have a health hazard on your hands.

Much of the 1960s vinyl tile have trace elements of asbestos compacted into them. They are unsafe to break up and allow dust to float freely in the facility. That could negatively impact workers’ health. Even if you could hire a team to cheaply remove the flooring through traditional methods, the danger outweighs the price.

Another consideration for a general contractor may be timing. If the project calls for flooring to be installed late in the game, dustless removal will reduce the cost of unnecessary cleanup. You may also have other sub-contractors installing HVAC, electrical and conducting other work. Traditional methods will reduce air quality and pose a worker impediment. Traditional removal may seem cheap and easy at first blush, but added problems will result in you paying more in the end. It makes sense to stick with dustless technologies.

Home Renovations

Many homeowners try to weigh their remodeling budget against the type of services they utilize. It’s common to cut a few corners here and there to upgrade your living space. We’ve all done it. Of course, we usually regret working with sub-par services and materials later. That being said, there really isn’t much of a decision to make between traditional and dustless tile removal in your home.

First, traditional methods send particles floating through your home. Some of these may be health threats and the last thing you want is a loved one falling ill. Beyond the health risk, dust makes a mess. It will get into curtains, linens, and sofas among other things. The cleanup just doesn’t make cost-effective sense. That’s why many homeowners call Abston Installations first for their Bradenton tile removal needs.

How Does Dustless Tile Removal Work?

Dustless tile removal isn’t rocket science. It’s just the sensible use of existing technologies. Abston uses tile removal equipment that is outfitted with powerful suction. As the tiles are boosted from the sub-floor, dust is quickly collected before it can impact workers or the surrounding area. Abston’s tile removing equipment works on 490-735 CFM. That capacity is equivalent to about 8 ordinary household vacuums. In other words, Abston provides commercial-grade dust collection vacuuming levels to every commercial or home project.

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If you are considering tile removal and new flooring installation, Abston Installations is a Bradenton tile removal company ready to work with you.

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Carpet Removal: Hire a Professional

Removing carpet is a home improvement project that you will want to leave in the hands of a professional. You might be tempted to remove the carpet yourself but if you don’t do it properly, it can make the installation process of the new flooring extremely difficult. Abston Installations has extensive knowledge and experience in carpet removal. Whether you are installing new flooring to enhance the look of your home or ripping out carpet due to water damage, Abston Installations is here to make sure it is done correctly the first time around. Let’s take a quick look at what carpet removal entails.

Materials and Tools Needed

Not only is carpet removal a timely and tedious task, but you will need various tools and materials; this is yet another reason as to why you might want to hand this project to installation professionals.

Process for Removing Carpet

When the carpet is being removed from a room, all furniture needs to be taken out. Next, a professional will remove any doors to the room by taking them off their hinges. Most times, if the door does not swing into the room, it can simply be left on its hinges and swung out of the room to ensure it does not get in the way.

Once all doors and furniture have been removed, it then becomes time to actually start tearing up the carpet. Most professionals will start in a corner to tear it up. Pliers can be used to pull up the carpet from a corner, pulling it up along the entirety of the wall. About every three feet, the carpet should be folded over and cut. Professional carpet removers know that it is best to cut the carpet from the back rather than from the front.

While tearing up the carpet and cutting it might seem like a simple task, it’s actually not, especially when it comes to cutting carpet in places in which transitions take place from one section of carpet to another. Also, along with the carpet comes padding, so not only will you be pulling up the carpet and cutting it, but you will need to do the same to the padding if you are replacing it. A carpet removal professional, on the other hand, can help ensure the padding stays in place if you are not replacing it.

As mentioned before, removing carpet is both a timely and tedious task. And if you don’t remove the carpet with the right tools, you can actually end up causing more damage, which means, in the long run, you will be out more money replacing the carpet. Call a trusted and local company to remove and install your flooring.

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